Detroit Lions’ Darius Slay gets Aaron Rodgers’ jersey in swap: ‘It touched me’

Darius Slay wasn’t happy about the Detroit Lions’ loss to the Green Bay Packers. But he was ecstatic about his parting gift from Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback whose virtues Slay has extolled for years.

After a 23-20 loss, the Lions cornerback found Rodgers on the field and received a signed No. 12 jersey.

Slay proudly showed off the jersey in the locker room and read Rodgers’ message, though he had some difficulty reading the writing.

“He basically just said — because he kind of got sloppy handwriting here — ‘I always loved competing against you. You’re one of the greatest in this generation. Thanks for making me a better player,’ ” Slay said. “Which he is one of the better players in this generation for sure, one of the Hall of Fame best quarterbacks.

“And coming from him, my heart drops. You could hear, ‘doop,’ a pin drop. So for me, coming from (someone like) that, feel great. It’s Aaron Rodgers, so he’s just letting me know I’m one of the greatest, I felt great. It touched me. It touched me.”

Slay left the game briefly and returned with a noticeable limp. He played a few series and struggled to match speed with receivers, including when he gave up a 28-yard touchdown pass to Allen Lazard. He didn’t play the final few series.

“Yeah, just trying to fight man,” Slay said. “I wanted to bring a win for the team, for Marvin (Jones), his family, myself. Just trying to fight. I should’ve stayed down. That last drive was special, but I should’ve stayed down. I don’t know what the results would have been, but I should’ve stayed down.”

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